In 2005 we formed a new partnership with the Pathways to Education™  program out of the Regent Park health centre in Toronto. Scihigh volunteers gave demonstrations to the students participating in the Pathways to Education program and invited the students to Mount Sinai Hospital for a morning full of cutting edge science. For more information on Pathways to Education, click here.

In 2006 we were fortunate to work with two more community groups. Our volunteers gave scihigh presentations to science clubs run by Visions of Science. Our volunteers also visited after school programs and summer camps throughout the city of Toronto. Our after school visits were to ARC programs located in Toronto's priority neighbourhoods.

A new addition to fall 2012 is our collaboration with the Canadian Diabetes Association at the University of Toronto (CDAUT).  Presentations on diabetes will include a definition of diabetes, how to prevent diabetes/what it means to eat healthy foods, and will include various hands on aids that will help get students involved.  The presention is geared towards students from grades 6 to 8.  For more information about CDAUT contact

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